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The LOOM online store offers high-quality reflective products, namely:

  • Paint - similar paints and varnishes, reflecting light rays, return them back, can be used on various surfaces (metal, concrete, wood ) and serve for many years, thanks to the special composition, they differ in protective characteristics;
  • The film is created from a special PVC cover, which is particularly flexible and is placed on a self-adhesive base, thanks to modern technologies it has a sufficient coefficient of light reflection even on long-distance roads;
  • Tape - stripes are distinguished by high elasticity and good reflective characteristics, perfect for creating the form of many special services;
  • Fabrics - are large cotton and polyester fabrics that are highly reflective parameters, can be used for sewing uniforms.

We also create reflective stickers that have different spheres approx changes. You can buy to order any product that you need, as well as consult with our specialists.

Order reflective products: where they are used

Such products are not only popular, but also very important in different spheres of human activity. Usually they are used to make a person, various objects, roads and buildings more visible at night or in poor visibility.

Where exactly can you use the products that you can buy in our catalog:

  • Road construction - road markings become more visible at night or during rain, fog, snow, reflective paint is also used to create road signs, pedestrian crossing, roadside, roadside barriers and more;
  • Mark the territory - a universal film on a self-adhesive base or paint can also be used to separate one area from another, to increase safety in a certain area, barriers, columns, curbs and other similar items are covered with it;
  • Make a marking on the transport means - tapes are used on cars, bicycles, motorcycles to make them more visible on the road;
  • Creation of uniforms for special services - such workers before It is false to be as noticeable as possible at any time of the day, therefore, special fabrics or ribbons are used, they are used on children's backpacks to protect them;
  • Outdoor advertising - they perfectly complement any advertising, make it more unique and interesting.

The cost of goods depends on many factors. So the price may vary depending on the manufacturer, basic parameters and materials.

The advantages of reflective goods

The main advantages of products that you can buy inexpensively in our online store are:

  • reliability and durability;
  • ease of use;
  • versatility;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • affordable price .

We try to create ideal conditions so that every client can get only positive emotions from using the site and buying here.

About us
About us
About us

Loom sells quality reflective products and prints reflective stickers. We have set an important goal - to give people high-quality and reliable goods that help protect themselves and their loved ones on the road, make the work of many special services easier and faster, and create a good mood.