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Reflective print on sweatshirts

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Sweatshirts, sweatshirts with interesting prints have gained considerable popularity among young people and children. This wardrobe is comfortable, warm, can be matched with a variety of clothes, and is suitable for many styles. Printing on a sweatshirt helps to highlight the individuality of its wearer and can be an effective advertising medium. And if the logo is created with reflective paint, then the clothing also receives a protective function. The person in it is clearly visible in the dark, so you can easily avoid an accident.

Reflective printing on a sweatshirt: features

A special reflective paint is used to print logos, images and prints on sweatshirts. With their help, you can create a glowing effect on a wide variety of fabrics. It is applied to the material by silk-screen printing. Thanks to this, the print on the clothes is elastic, uniform, bright. It does not fade or fade even after 100 washes at a high (50 degrees) temperature. Luminescent paint withstands mechanical stress, constant exposure to sunlight.

LOOM offers its customers a unique offer. Everyone can completely personalize a sweatshirt to order, getting a voluminous and high-quality image. The cost of the service is low, and the result is striking in its effectiveness. With the help of silk-screen printing, the print gets clear boundaries, and the paint reliably adheres to any material. The colors do not show through, so the images are juicy and bright.

Reflective print on a sweatshirt is a great opportunity to buy an inexpensive and beautiful gift for a friend, acquaintance, or relative. The surface can be glossy or matte of your choice. The main advantages of glow-in-the-dark paints are:

  • A uniform image that reflects light, makes a person, objects visible in the dark;
  • Paints dry quickly;
  • They can take energy from different sources;
  • Chemical and mechanical action does not change the structure of paints;
  • Clothes can be washed often without worrying about the bright colors of the print;
  • Can be applied to natural and synthetic fabric;
  • The components are completely safe for human health.

Order reflective print on sweatshirts inexpensively at LOOM

Our Internet -shop not only sells light-repelling goods, but also prints reflective prints on clothes: T-shirts, sweatshirts. The advantages of "LOOM" are obvious:

  • A wide range of products;
  • Our employees check the quality of goods at every stage of production;
  • Professional assistance in choosing the right option ;
  • Low price available to every client;
  • Two payment methods to choose from (cash or bank card) for the convenience of buyers;
  • Delivery to different cities of Ukraine is possible through the "New mail" service.

T-shirts with reflective prints are one of the most popular products. But when the cold comes, people think about buying sweatshirts. You can also apply any drawing, interesting inscription, photo, company logo to order on them.