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Reflective stickers car signs

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A wide variety of accessories can be used to mark and decorate a car. Among them, reflective options can be attributed to a special category. Their main task is to distinguish the car from others, especially in poor visibility on the road. But they don't have to be boring and of the same type. Except those prescribed in the Legislation for Oversized Transport.

Reflective stickers: signs - features and applications

Want to decorate your car so that it stands out from the general background ? This can be done in many ways. Inexpensive and fast - buy various stickers. These are effective and durable accessories that are glued to the body, rims, glass. They allow you to immediately highlight the car, make it more colorful, and give it individuality. But modern stickers also have a practical side. Thanks to a special layer of lenses, they are able to collect light from various sources and then return it. Therefore, today stickers are often produced in the form of different identification marks. They help other motorists in the flow.

Of course, you can decorate the car with simple stickers. But they have one important drawback. They are only seen during the daytime. But thanks to the effect of retroreflection, your personal transport will be clearly visible in any situation. Such a small detail will help to avoid troubles on the road and significantly increase safety.

Reflective car stickers can be roughly divided into two categories:

  • For marking on traffic rules;
  • For tuning and decoration.

The first category includes various warning signs. Among them: "Inexperienced driver", "Child in the car", "Dangerous cargo". This also includes various stickers that mark large vehicles. The second category includes stickers that are more suitable for ordinary decoration. But they also have a protective function if they have reflective properties.

According to the type and location of attachment, the latest models can once again be divided into several options:

  • To highlight the contours of the wheels or the body - as a rule, they look like small strips that need to be fastened along the perimeter or diameter of the object;
  • Only on the body - illustrations and various subjects that will help make an individual vehicle out of the car;
  • On glass - here too, the imagination is not limited, the main thing is that the sticker does not cover the driver's view.

All such stickers can be sold individually or as a whole. The price does not change much, but you get more options.

Reflective stickers: signs - order from us inexpensively

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