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Reflective elements for children

Parents of schoolchildren think about their safety. Special materials that can reflect light help make children noticeable on the road at night (and most of the year they return from school or various circles). Reflectors for children can be of different shapes - stickers, bracelets, flickers, badges. They are made of a special film.

Features of reflective products for children

Before ordering such products, you need to study their main characteristics. Keychains, stickers are attached to a bag or backpack. The bracelets are worn on the arm. In the dark, they receive light from streetlights / car headlights and return it up to 200 meters. The driver will see the child on the road in time. In the online store "Loom" you can order any product with reflective properties at an affordable price.

Reflectors for children: buy and choose the appropriate type

The most popular types are various applications / stickers. Cheerful, comfortable and fashionable looking. Why are they comfortable to use? They are considered universal. They quickly stick to the sleeves / pockets of the jacket, to the material of the backpack / bag. Only the packaging is enough for the student's outfit and clothing to be fully equipped with special elements.

The cost of the product is low, and the quality is excellent. But the child will not be able to walk with the sticker for a long time. Unlike the applique, you need to replace it a couple of times a year.

Interestingly, everyone likes these elements. Teenagers and young people are happy to attach them to clothes, bags or skateboards / roller skates / bicycles. They allow you to make evening and night walks safe and comfortable.

The appliques are glued to clothes and bags with a hot iron through gauze or mesh. During the day they look like a regular drawing. But as soon as evening or night comes, they can reflect the light of lanterns or headlights at an angle of up to 50 degrees. Of course, with side lighting, the light will also be a little noticeable, although not so bright.

Various pendants and keychains are considered no less popular among children. They can be hung on a briefcase and show off your jewelry to friends or classmates. An undoubted advantage is the fact that the child will immediately be noticeable in the light of a lantern or headlight (if the high beam is on, then the visibility distance is 300 meters, if the near one is 130 meters).

Such keychains can not be worn only on knapsacks or bags, but also on bicycles or clothing. The latter options are ideal for children who are already in middle or high school. Since younger children may forget to secure the clip well before leaving school. They are made from a special film in two layers and a chain, which acts as a fastener.

A variety of vests, bracelets and covers are also considered more effective for older children. Toddlers often forget them, which can lead to negative consequences.

Schoolchildren love different icons. They can be bright, with interesting, funny inscriptions, unusual prints. The guys often collect them, wear them, thereby protecting themselves from cars. The badges are attached to the backpack with a pin.

The color and pattern can be selected at the time of purchase. All items are inexpensive, so you can safely buy them and not worry about the family budget. Your kids will definitely like the fun accessories, and you will no longer be afraid for their safety.

Reflective elements for children: buy in the online store "Loom"

In our catalog you will find a wide a range of reflective film products that are great for children of all ages. With its help, you can protect your child on the way to or from school, make his evening games more comfortable.