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Reflective elements for marking truck

Some drivers greatly underestimate the power of reflective truck decals. But recent studies in the United States and Europe prove that the incidence of road traffic accidents with large vehicles is greatly reduced when using reflective tape, film or special stickers. Many in Ukraine have already tried this product and confidently claim that it has a positive effect on the safety of road users. The truck becomes more visible in the dark, bad weather conditions, so the dimensions of the car in front are easier to assess and avoid a collision.

Order reflective stickers for labeling trucks: features, applications, advantages

Such reflective The stickers are easily applied to the surface of the machine and are durable, reliable, and easy to use. Thanks to them, the visibility of trucks at night increases several times, which helps to avoid about 90% of all accidents. A seemingly ordinary accessory will protect passengers, drivers and other road users in a matter of minutes. When the light from headlights / lanterns hits the sticker surface, the beam is reflected and transmitted to a distance of up to 200 meters. This is enough to slow down.

Reflective truck decals are ideal for moving vehicles. This accessory is made from a high quality paper base, on the front side of which there is a reflective layer, and on the back there is glue with a protective film. In order for the stickers to serve for a long time and not to deteriorate from various weather conditions, they are additionally equipped with protection against moisture. On average, the service life of accessories is 2-5 years.

Today, there are several types of reflective tapes, depending on the place of application:

  • On a soft surface (for example, an awning) ;
  • On a hard surface - directly on the body.

In addition, special options are allocated for vehicles that transport explosive, chemical or other similar substances. You also need to pay attention to the color of the tape. Red / yellow is used on the rear of the wagons and white on the left and right side. The cost of each type is affordable, so it is not difficult to purchase such accessories.

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Before using the sticker, we recommend thoroughly degreasing the surface, removing dirt and dust. Slowly and gently apply the reflective sticker, pressing lightly on it. Use a small staple to keep out air and blistering.