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Reflective threads

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Glow in the dark thread is a unique product that can be used in many areas of production. They are also used for embroidery, creating woolen threads, for knitting, and so on.

Glowing threads at night: features and applications

For the production of such products, the luminescent pigment TAT 33 is taken as a basis. When the threads are dyed, this substance is added to the dye. There is a wide range of similar products on the market. Their main advantage is precisely the ability to absorb light and give it back at nightfall. The following products can be added to this list:

  • Luminous threads for a sewing machine;
  • Luminescent threads for embroidery;
  • Woolen goods for knitting various things.

You can also find a whole glowing tape, which is used in many jewelry and wardrobe items. Unique fluorescent options do not glow by themselves, but only when exposed to ultraviolet radiation (for example, lamps). This product is popular with young people who like to go to nightclubs and want to stand out from the crowd. Neon lamps beautifully illuminate all stitches, embroidery and patterns.

Most often, embroidery lovers want to order such products. After all, you can order at once whole sets of threads glowing in the dark to create a unique and unusual picture. In this case, the pattern will delight not only during the day. With the coming of night, embroidery will take on a completely new look. The cost of the product is low, so everyone can buy it. Buying luminous threads is a step towards modern technology without the need to get rid of pleasant traditions.

The main features of sewing luminescent options:

  • They can withstand high heavy loads;
  • They have water-repellent characteristics;
  • The glow is clearly visible even at a distance of up to 20 meters.

They also allow you to create unique patterns and decor elements that will become an unusual souvenir for acquaintances, friends, relatives.

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Night-glowing threads are an excellent element of modern art. After all, knitting and embroidery have long become modern ways to show your talent as an "artist". Create unique pieces with our luminescent products.