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Glow paint

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Glowing paint is a new trend that has already won the hearts of designers, homeowners and architects throughout Ukraine. With their help, you can create a unique stylish interior, completely alter the appearance of the car, find new ideas for already boring solutions.

Features of glowing paint: why it is worth ordering

Paints that are saturated with sunlight , and with the onset of darkness they give it away, are called luminescent. Even during the day they look quite bright and interesting, but it is at night that their main advantage is revealed - the glow with slightly acidic shades. And you don't need special lighting for this. Artificial lighting or daylight is sufficient. "Recharging" lasts only 20 minutes, but then the paint glows up to 8 hours. But there is one peculiarity: it does not matter how long you will saturate the material with light, the duration of the glow will not increase from this.

Glowing paints are used in many areas:

  • Internal and external finishing of structures, buildings, premises;
  • Creating interesting images on decorative elements;
  • Creating body art and covering metal parts;
  • Using fabrics or plastic in painting ;
  • Road markings;
  • Painting wood, concrete, stones;
  • Use for marking money;
  • Car tuning;
  • Create road signs or other elements that should be different;
  • Marking bicycles, motorcycles;
  • To create nail polish that has an unusual appearance;
  • Fabric dyeing to create colorful patterns, glowing prints;
  • Furniture decor.

The glowing paint contains no toxic substances, it easily tolerates constant direct sunlight, high humidity or high temperatures. Even in complete darkness, you will see their glow, which is an important factor in many areas of activity. You can find use for luminescent paint almost everywhere. The main thing is to have a desire to decorate and do unusual things. The cost of such products is quite affordable.

Buy inexpensive glowing paint at "LOOM"

In the "LOOM" online store you will find a wide range of quality products that are distinguished by their reliability and durability. The price for all items from the catalog is acceptable for different segments of the population. The main advantages of buying from us:

  • Possibility of purchasing to order exactly the products you need;
  • Help in choosing the right product, professional advice;
  • A clear and easy-to-use menu, a convenient catalog where even a child will find the right thing;
  • Several payment methods - cash or bank card;
  • Delivery throughout Ukraine through the "New mail ".

We test all products at every stage of production to ensure that our customers receive only the best. With the help of luminescent paints, you can create real masterpieces in different areas. For more information about ordering goods, you can consult our managers.