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Reflective headbands and vests

Reflective signal belt-vest-suspender green width 4cm Reflective signal belt-vest-suspender green width 4cm - фото 2
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Reflective PVC velcro band 3x38cm yellow Reflective PVC velcro band 3x38cm yellow - фото 2
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Brand: LOOM
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Reflective signal belt-vest-suspender orange width 4cm Reflective signal belt-vest-suspender orange width 4cm - фото 2
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Reflective signal belt green width 4cm Reflective signal belt green width 4cm - фото 2
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Brand: LOOM
Reflective green bel..
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Reflective vests are popular personal protective equipment. Recently, customers have also noticed various dressings with the same properties. Thanks to these accessories, you can significantly increase your visibility on the road when there is not enough natural light. Vests are often used by road workers, utility workers and construction workers. Drivers who travel long distances always have them. Headbands play more of a decoration role. Adults and children are happy to wear them.

Reflective vests and headbands - features and applications

Why should you buy such products if you are worried about your health? At night on the road, drivers may not always notice a pedestrian in time. This happens especially often with children who like to run across the canvas in places not designated for this. If you are wearing a reflective vest or at least a small accessory in the form of a bandage, the motorist will be able to brake in time.

Such accessories are equipped with special stickers or tapes that can return the light to the source. Such products are distinguished by bright colors that are visible from afar. An important point is the width of the tape on the vests. It should not be less than 50 mm. If you are choosing a vest for long-term use, it is worth choosing models with a fabric lining. They last longer with frequent washings.

Who needs to wear reflective vests? They should be ordered by employees who, due to their work, spend a lot of time outside (regardless of the weather and time of day). Among them:

  • Repair and road services;
  • Employees of the airport, railway, seaport;
  • Employees of construction sites, utilities, warehouses;
  • Ministry of Emergency Situations and the police.

Pedestrians (adults and children), as well as drivers, also need to think about purchasing these products to order.

If the vest seems too ugly for you or an oversized accessory. For example, not all children want to wear it. You can opt for a reflective dressing. Such an accessory is distinguished by a special composition, due to which maximum brightness is obtained when light hits the surface. It does not bring any inconvenience and is simply worn on the hand. Due to its elastic properties, the bandage is easily fixed and does not come off. This is very important, as the child can play actively.

Reflective vests and headbands - buy cheap from us

The "LOOM" online store offers a wide range of reflective products. Its cost depends on many factors - materials, shapes, number of colors, purpose, dimensions. But we are absolutely sure that every client will be able to choose the most suitable option for himself without any problems. If it is difficult to do this, take advantage of the professional help of our employees. After ordering, you can pay for it in any way convenient for you. Delivery is carried out in all cities of Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv and others) using popular transport companies.

Reflective products are not just colorful accessories that adorn your clothes or other items. Its price is low, but you get additional protection and you can not be afraid for your life.