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Reflective helmet stickers

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A variety of elements are used today to decorate various accessories and individual items. Reflective stickers are always distinguished separately - there are different types and help to decorate things, protect the owner in the dark.

Buy reflective stickers on the helmet: reasons

Decoration of various things for cycling, a motorcycle, when riding a scooter / roller skating, the selection in a crowd of people occurs using different methods. Stickers that reflect light are considered the most popular, simpler, and cheapest of these. Today, finding a wide range of different stickers with different shapes, sizes and appearance is not difficult. Now the helmet is more than just an accessory to protect your head from a fall. With the help of a sticker, it will protect you from collisions with a car in the dark.

Of course, simple stickers can also be used for ordinary decoration. But they have several important disadvantages compared to reflective products:

  • Visible in the daytime, completely useless at night;
  • There is no glow in the headlights.

Reflective stickers are interesting and unusual accessories. To order them in Ukraine does not require much work, but you will be sure of your safety.

What are the types, how they are arranged

Regardless of their type, all products are arranged the same. The backing consists of a paper backing with a reflective coating on the front. Sometimes stickers are additionally equipped with a protective polymer layer, for example, lamination is applied. The back is a layer of glue. Stickers can be very different: with inscriptions, images, or simply have some form. You can also buy any custom sticker if you want to really stand out. The cost of each type depends on the materials used, the uniqueness and some other parameters.

Buy reflective stickers inexpensively in "LOOM"

The LOOM online store offers a wide range of stickers that can be used on helmet for increased safety. Their application will not cause any particular difficulties, because the application of this product is very simple:

  • The place of application is cleaned of dust, dirt, washed, degreased and thoroughly dried;
  • Removable from the adhesive side protective coating;
  • The sticker is carefully applied, trying to prevent air bubbles or irregularities;
  • The sticker is smoothed so that there are no loose parts.

As a rule, high-quality products serve without any problems for about a year, but there are also those that last for several years. These accessories can be easily washed with water if you need to clean the helmet from dirt. Caring for them is so simple that you don't even have to spend time on it.

Why is it worth ordering products from us? We are distinguished by the following advantages:

  • High quality of goods;
  • A wide range that is constantly expanding;
  • Unique offers on the Ukrainian market;
  • Affordable price for everyone;
  • Delivery throughout the country;
  • Possibility to choose a suitable payment method.

Ride a bike, motorcycle, rollerblading or skateboarding is always exciting and interesting. But you should also think about your safety. Especially if you like night walks.