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Stickers kids in the car

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Many have noticed that inconspicuous and gray cars during the day change significantly with the arrival of darkness. This is because their owners use special reflective stickers. Simple accessories can greatly improve the appearance of a car, create additional protection and reduce the risk of getting into an accident at night. There is also a separate category of stickers that indicate to other drivers that a small child is driving your car. They are the main prerequisite for the safety when transporting a baby in a vehicle.

Custom-made "Baby in a car" reflective stickers: features and benefits

It should be understood that these accessories are made of special materials. He must be able to direct rays of light towards the object from which they came out. Therefore, the sticker, inconspicuous in the daytime, immediately begins to glow when it reflects the light of the lanterns / headlights in the evening. The design of the sticker consists of several important balls:

  • Siliconized paper is used as a backing;
  • Then comes a layer of glue;
  • Above is a mandatory layer with fluorescent properties;
  • There is an air gap, which is necessary for the stickers to adhere well to any surface;
  • Some models also have shock-absorbing and protective layers that protect them from bad weather conditions.

You can choose any colors. Although the most popular are yellow, gold, white and silver. They are considered most noticeable in the dark.

The "Baby in the car" sticker is an important part of the car's outfit where the baby is. Along with a child's car seat, it creates an additional level of safety, because other road users know that there is a baby inside. Other tasks that such stickers can handle:

  • Allows you to create car markings;
  • They can be used as tuning or decoration to create a unique individual design;
  • Additional advertising of a product;
  • Safety on the road.

The cost of a sticker with reflective characteristics is not high. Each customer can easily choose the right option.

Buy reflective stickers "children in the car" inexpensively at LOOM

Such an accessory will immediately explain to other drivers why you are not moving fast in the general traffic to avoid annoying buzzing and other problems. With the help of it, you will safely reach your destination with your child in the cabin and will not worry about his life. In the LOOM catalog you can choose and order the stickers you like or create an individual layout as you wish.

We are one of the few companies in Ukraine that are engaged in the creation of such car decorations. We have the following advantages:

  • Low price of products;
  • Delivery to any city in the country using "New mail";
  • Possibility to choose a suitable payment method (cash or bank card) at your discretion;
  • Professional help in choosing;
  • Personal quality control of all products in the catalog, checking all stages during the production of goods.

Remember that the safety of the child in the car falls entirely on the shoulders of the parents. Therefore, it is important to purchase and apply a reflective "Baby in the car" sticker.