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Reflective motorcycle stickers

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Various motorcycle stickers are considered one of the most popular types of tuning. Everyone who wants their "iron horse" to become more interesting, unusual and safe is striving to order them. The latter characteristic is especially important on our roads.

At night or in bad weather conditions, motorists may simply not see the motorcyclist, which often leads to serious accidents and injuries. To prevent this from happening, we recommend buying reflective motorcycle stickers. They are not only distinguished by special originality and help to create a special style of the vehicle. They will help you become more visible.

Custom reflective motorcycle decals: how they are used

Many motorcyclists love to drive fast. Especially on warm spring or summer evenings. If you can consider yourself one of them, passive protection is worth considering.

Reflective motorcycle wheel decals are the best accessory to help give your bike a special look and make it visible on the road in any light.

Almost all such stickers differ in characteristics:

  • Light reflection from headlights, lanterns;
  • Suitable for popular wheel diameters;
  • Sold in set, it consists of several strips, which is enough for one bike.

They are made of a special film, the base of which is self-adhesive. Manufacturers specifically create a slight curvature that follows the shape of the wheel to make it easier for you to glue them. This process is fast and does not require any special skills. Such stickers are especially important for those who often ride on a city at night or a country road in the dark.

As a rule, such stickers are monochromatic (red, blue, yellow, green), but you can order special options if you wish with the inscriptions of famous companies (BMW, Honda, Yamaha, and so on). With their help, you will make your motorcycle completely individual and original. The cost of the latest models is slightly higher, but they remain quite affordable for ordinary buyers.

How to glue correctly? Follow the instructions and you will definitely succeed:

  • The surface of the disc must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt, dust and other debris;
  • Please note that it must be flat, not have curved parts or bulges;
  • Degrease the surface, there should be no traces of oil / gasoline on it;
  • The sticker is peeled off from the base and gluing begins on either side, while lightly pressing the sticker and hold the other side with your free hand;
  • You need to glue with an overlap of at least 5 mm, when you have something extra, you can cut it off;
  • When you have already glued all the strips, it is necessary gently run a rag from all sides, this will help to fix them better.

In order for the result of pasting to remain effective and beautiful for a long time, it should be carried out at an air temperature of at least +10 degrees. Also, try to avoid possible kinks - otherwise you will not be very neat.

Buy reflective stickers on motorcycle wheels inexpensively

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