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Reflective print on kangaroo bags

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Thanks to special luminous paints on the fabric, you can create various inscriptions and designs with a glow effect. They are applied to textiles using the silk screen method. Thanks to this, the print is elastic, reliable, bright and durable. Clothes with such paint can easily transfer up to 100 washes even at high temperatures. Luminescent inscription is also resistant to abrasion and mechanical stress. A similar paint is applied to T-shirts, jackets, baseball caps, but the most popular are hoodies or kangaroo.

Reflective printing on kangaroo: features and application

Printing with a special paste is the best option if you want spectacular and unique clothing. Such wardrobe items allow you to stand out in the crowd, find your own unusual style. Therefore, most of all, such kangaroos are suitable for young people and adolescents. Anything will immediately become interesting with the help of ordinary image transfer. To create designs that will glow in the dark, special luminescent paints are used. They differ in the following features:

  • You can create a luminous uniform image or inscription;
  • The paint can take energy from different sources or glow on its own if they are not nearby;
  • Drying occurs almost instantly;
  • Paints are resistant to chemical and mechanical stress;
  • Clothes can be washed often without worrying that the paint will lose its attractiveness and brightness ;
  • The paint components are completely safe for human health and do not cause allergies;
  • Can be used on any kind of fabric: natural or synthetic.

If you want to create a real work of art from an ordinary kangaroo, you should consider using printing with luminescent inks. In this case, you can choose any drawing to order. The cost does not change from this.

Buy a kangaroo with a reflective print inexpensively in "LOOM"

The "LOOM" online store offers a wide range of different goods with reflective effects, as well as silk-screen printing with fluorescent inks on any clothing. Among other things, you can order voluminous inscriptions or images on a kangaroo to stand out from the crowd. In addition to ordinary fashionistas who love stylish clothes, such wardrobe items are often ordered by companies. On kangaroo bags you can print the brand logo, motto and other inscriptions. This is a great advertisement that is effective and not annoying.

You can order this service from our online store. Why are we better? There are many advantages:

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If you have problems with choosing a suitable option, our staff will offer their professional assistance. The reflective print on the baby carrier is not only fashionable, but also safe on the dark road.