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Reflective print on T-shirts

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To create a glowing effect on various types of fabrics, special glowing paints are used. It must be applied using silkscreen printing. This method is a type of screen printing, when special metal, nylon or polyester nets are used to create the form. The latter are distinguished by their small thickness and high density of the thread. Most often, prints are applied to T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps and other wardrobe items.

Reflective printing on T-shirts: features

Reflective ink used to create printing on T-shirts is characterized by increased elasticity, it creates a uniform surface that glows beautifully and brightly in the dark. The image remains colorful and does not lose its basic characteristics even after 100 washes at high temperatures. The luminescent pattern can withstand even mechanical stress.

Reflective printing on T-shirts is a great opportunity to create an interesting company logo on a popular garment. So you will turn a completely ordinary thing into another way of advertising.

A real work of art in the form of an unusual T-shirt will be a good gift for any occasion. The print can be applied to almost any material: suede, cotton, velvet. At the same time, it will glow interestingly, giving the owner a mystery and, possibly, save life on a dark road.

Luminescent inks for reflective printing on T-shirts have the following features:

  • The glow is obtained homogeneous;
  • Any source is suitable for energy storage;
  • The paint dries instantly;
  • Resistant to chemical and mechanical stress;
  • Attractive exterior type of clothes even after numerous washes;
  • All components are completely safe for health;
  • Can be applied to any fabric.

The cost of printing is low, but you get a great gift for friends and acquaintances. You can order for yourself to cheer up.

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