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Reflective print on bags

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Bags are the most common accessories in men's and women's wardrobe. Today they have become extremely popular. Therefore, fashionistas are trying to select the most interesting and unusual options. If you are looking for a unique piece, it is worth looking at bags with reflective prints or lettering. Retroreflective printing is becoming more and more popular. It is used on many things, from clothing to various accessories. Therefore, many people want to buy such bags.

Reflective printing on bags: features and applications

Such accessories help to create an interesting appearance, stand out from the crowd, show an individual style. Therefore, they are great for those who follow the latest fashion trends. They are usually made in a sporty or casual style. They go well with comfortable everyday wear. Can be of any color, made from different fabrics. Printing with luminescent inks fits smoothly and beautifully on any textile. The main features of printing on bags:

  • The paint reliably and for a long time adheres to the fabric, its colorful colors do not fade over time;
  • Easily tolerates multiple washes, even if you use hot water;
  • Not afraid of mechanical and physical damage;
  • Suitable for children, youth and older people;
  • Products with such a seal are good match with different clothes.

But the most important task of such prints is to create additional protection for the wearer in the dark. If you are a dog owner, a cyclist, an athlete, a person who works late or is often near the road in the dark, buying such a thing is definitely worth it. This simple and beautiful accessory will save your life by alerting the driver of the car that there is a pedestrian on the road. It is important to note that the reflective properties of paint work over a fairly long distance - up to 200 meters. This is quite enough to slow down in time.

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