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Reflective print on caps

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Thanks to special luminous paints, you can create unique and unusual designs, images, inscriptions on different clothing options. The paint is applied to textiles using a special method - silk-screen printing. It is he who is distinguished by good indicators of elasticity, and the reflective surface is homogeneous. A variety of prints are applied to hats as often as to T-shirts or sweatshirts. Moreover, this accessory is clearly visible and helps to create a unique image.

Reflective printing on caps: features and application

The use of plastisol ink allows you to get bright patterns that are high quality and durability. Even after numerous washes in hot water, physical and mechanical stress or prolonged exposure to sunlight, the brightness of the image does not fade at all. Reflective print on caps is not only an opportunity to stand out and create a personal style. This service is often ordered by entire companies to make branded products with their own glowing logo. The unique technology also gives images some relief.

What are the advantages of reflective printing on caps? Similar products differ:

  • A good option for creating spectacular drawings, advertisements;
  • The thing glows in the dark, which allows you to make your image more unique and unusual;
  • Such hats will help wearers to stand out from the crowd;
  • The pattern is uniform, not translucent;
  • The print can withstand many washes and is resistant to abrasion;
  • Paints absorb energy from any light source, and then return it back;
  • Can be applied to a variety of fabrics, both synthetic and natural.

But the main task of such products is to provide protection for the owner in the dark. When it is dark on the road, the person in front is very hard to see, which is why there are so many car accidents with pedestrians. The luminous accessory in the form of a hat with an unusual pattern will allow the driver to notice you in time and slow down. The light is visible at a distance of about 200 meters. It is not difficult to buy such a thing. Moreover, its cost is quite affordable.

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