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Luminophore TAT33 - Luminous powder

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Phosphor TAT 33 is a special powder that is capable of storing light. It can be ordered for a special luminescent composition. For this, the substance must be mixed with a varnish base. The powder has the ability to accumulate light energy from any source, and then release it within 12 hours.

Phosphor TAT33 - features and application

Basic Phosphor TAT33 in the daytime has a normal white color. After a short recharge, it is capable of glowing in a different shade in the dark (depending on the variation - blue, green, yellow). If you mix it with a varnish base, then the latter will not change in any way. During the day, the varnish remains fairly transparent, and at night a weak glow appears. If you use the powder together with classic paint, then in the light of the sun it will not change in any way. With the onset of dusk, a soft light of turquoise, light green, yellow or another shade will appear.

The phosphor has no smell. It can be easily combined with different varnishes, adhesives, paints, plastics or sealants. To do this, you need a powder, a roller (brush or spray gun) and a base.

The main characteristics of the TAT33 Phosphor:

  • The size of the grains depends on the version of the powder and ranges from 30 to 80 microns ;
  • The glow lasts from 8 to 12 hours;
  • The cost is low;
  • The substance without changing its basic parameters can withstand extremely high temperatures - 700 degrees;
  • It has good water resistance;
  • Does not pose a danger to human health.

100 grams of pigment and 0.5 liters of paint is suitable for painting an area of ​​4-5 sq. meters (a dense layer is obtained). Accordingly, 1 kg of powder from 5 liters of paint is enough to cover 50 sq. meters.

Where is the TAT33 phosphor used? There are many areas of application of the substance. It can be used to create a unique interior or exterior, paint the facade of any building. It is also used in the production of interesting souvenirs, decoration of natural and artificial flowers, hand-made items. Undoubtedly, Phosphor will help to create an unusual car appearance. It is used in airbrushing and body art.

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The advantages of the powder are:

  • Can be used for internal and external work;
  • An additional glow appears under ultraviolet rays;
  • The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty for its product;
  • In a few minutes it is able to accumulate energy from the source and instantly give it away with the lights off;
  • It is no different during the day, but it gets interesting shades at night;
  • Paint with the substance can be used by children.

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