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Reflective bananas

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Fashion is cyclical. Everything that was at the peak of popularity ten to twenty years ago is gradually returning to the wardrobe of modern youth. It happened with banana bags. Today they have become the same basic models as a regular shopper or crossbody. But the online store "LOOM" offers some changes that will definitely please real fashionistas. In our catalog you can buy reflective bananas to order. They are trendy, comfortable, reliable and glow in the dark.

Reflective banana: features and applications

No wonder this accessory is back on the streets. They are convenient to carry with you, because your hands remain free. They can fit all the necessary little things and important things. They are taken with them on a trip and on an ordinary city walk. Reflective bananas are made from quality polyester. The main advantages of this material are:

  • Resistance to various weather conditions, including rain and snow;
  • No dirt spots appear on the surface, its appearance is not changes over time;
  • Even after the banana gets wet, it can be quickly dried;
  • Low price - everyone can afford to order a polyester accessory;
  • During washing, the shape of the material does not deform (if you use low speed and delicate mode).

This bag is perfect for children and young people, for whom it is important to keep their hands free. I like reflective bananas for women. They are distinguished by the presence of a large and roomy main compartment, where you can put documents, a smartphone, a wallet and a cosmetic bag. Many models also have side pockets. The waist size is selected according to individual parameters.

But the main advantage of such an accessory is precisely the ability to glow in the dark when light from any source falls on the surface. Especially if you or your children often walk near the road at dusk. Car drivers will be able to clearly see the reflected light at a distance of 300-400 meters. And they will be able to slow down in time. A common thing can significantly improve your safety on the road and avoid an accident.

Buy reflective bananas inexpensively at "LOOM"

We offer a wide range of reflective products. And the cost of all products is available to each client. Our employees monitor the quality of goods at every stage of production. In addition to the products presented in the catalog, you can order an individual shape or appearance. You can pay for your order in two ways: cash or bank card. Delivery throughout Ukraine is carried out using the "New mail" service.

Reflective or reflective bananas have become a real "breakthrough" in the fashion industry. They look unusual, suit different styles, help to stand out from the crowd and make the wearer more visible in the dark. These parameters made the usual accessory really practical and convenient.