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Reflective caps

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Reflective wardrobe items have recently become popular among young people, athletes, and lovers of an active lifestyle. Today, there are workwear and sportswear, and many more luminescent items that are great for everyday wear. Reflective baseball caps are like that. They will not only be excellent protection from wind, cold, but also be able to protect the wearer during poor visibility.

Reflective cap: features and application

A reflective baseball cap is a great option, suitable for many people. It will help create additional protection on the road in the dark. The light of headlights / lanterns and various sources hits the surface, it gives the received energy back. The driver of the car, even in poor visibility, will be able to brake in time. The light from the cap is visible up to 200 meters. This is enough to avoid an emergency.

The main advantages of reflective baseball caps:

  • They look fashionable and stylish, so they will help you stand out from the crowd;
  • Great for different styles of clothing, but best combined with sweatpants, jackets, leggings, shorts, T-shirts;
  • Protect from cold or strong sunlight;
  • They help to be safe in the dark;
  • They are made of high quality materials that are not afraid of frequent washes at high temperatures (reflective characteristics are not reduced);
  • They are not subject to mechanical or chemical damage.

Reflective caps are a great buy for cyclists, dog owners, motorists (who often get out of their cars on the road), athletes, children and teenagers who come home late. They will come in handy for lovers of outdoor activities. It's easy to order them. Moreover, the price is not high.

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Quite recently, such accessories could be found only from employees of special services. But very quickly they gained popularity and now many want to buy them. In Ukraine, you can do it in the "LOOM" online store. We not only sell products, but also manufacture them, so you can be sure of the high quality of goods. At every stage of production, the quality of even the smallest parts is checked. This is done because we want to satisfy the tastes of all customers.

Pluses of orders in LOOM:

  • Reliability and durability of products;
  • Wide range;
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Of course, you can always order goods from China. There are a lot of similar products, but it's not worth talking about high quality. If you are looking for a cap that will last more than one season, will not be afraid of washing and will be made of completely safe materials, it is better to contact "LOOM".