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Reflective fabric

Reflective signal belt-vest-suspender green width 4cm Reflective signal belt-vest-suspender green width 4cm - фото 2
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Reflective PVC velcro band 3x38cm yellow Reflective PVC velcro band 3x38cm yellow - фото 2
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Today on the market you can find a huge variety of fabrics suitable for sewing everyday and work garments. The usual ones are hard to surprise, and the reflective materials are getting rave reviews. They attract the attention of eminent designers, young people who want to stand out from the crowd. They are used when sewing overalls and sleeveless jackets for many working professions.

Reflective fabrics: features where they are used

The main feature of such material is the ability of its surface to refract light (even in small quantities - from headlights / lights) and return it to the source. This effect works at a fairly large distance - about 200 meters. Therefore, if you have at least a few stripes of reflective fabric on your clothes, then you will become more visible in the dark. This is extremely important in the case of frequent walks near the road late in the evening or at night, when drivers may not notice the pedestrian and run over.

Most often, such fabric is used to create work clothes and performs precisely signaling functions. It makes the worker more visible in production areas. Overalls are obliged to fulfill their main task - to prevent or reduce the possible risk of accidents at work, while performing work, and so on. At the same time, it also remains comfortable, practical and durable. Reflective fabric has all of these characteristics.

The following wardrobe items for special employees are created from it:

  • Overalls / semi-overalls;
  • Vests / sleeveless jackets;
  • Protective suits;
  • Armbands and aprons;
  • Work gowns.

Thanks to reflective elements, you can create a special image of the company, reflect the main parameters of its activities, protect its employees from serious damage during work in bad weather conditions / in the dark.

Among other things, reflective fabrics are used in the sewing of ordinary wardrobe items. In particular, outerwear. If you and your child have a jacket with these patches, then you can be sure of safety on the road. Can't find these wardrobe items? It is worth buying individual parts to order and creating the stripes yourself. The cost of a small piece will be quite low.

Where to buy low-cost reflective fabrics in Ukraine

The LOOM online store offers a wide range of reflective accessories, stickers and fabrics, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you. In the catalog, you can select and order the product you like in a matter of minutes. And our managers will help you with this.

Delivery of orders is carried out by "New mail" throughout Ukraine. You can pay for the goods in a convenient way for you: in cash or by credit card.

"LOOM" is a unique online store for Ukraine. After all, we not only sell finished products, but also create reflective products ourselves. At the same time, we monitor the quality at every stage of production.