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Reflective linen

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Do you like everything unusual and unique? Are you attracted to interesting fabrics and reflective materials? Of course, on the market today you can see a lot of wardrobe items that reflect light from ultraviolet radiation. Among them, jackets, backpacks, and various accessories are especially popular. But the biggest fans of experimenting and gaining new experience can buy reflective underwear in the "LOOM" online store. Believe me, none of your friends will have this.

Order reflective underwear: application and features

A similar wardrobe item is created from a special reflective fabric. This material has special characteristics that allow it to reflect light. It is thanks to these features that the fabric is often used to create unique clothing. Such models are popular among teenagers and young people who like to express their individual style and stand out from others. Previously, the fabric was used only in the production of work suits and workwear. But today designers have paid attention to it.

The creation of custom-made reflective lingerie has begun to be thought of quite recently. Many young people like to wear jeans and trousers, dropping them slightly lower so that the strip of underwear is visible. Imagine if this strip reflects light and shines in a bright neon color. This fashion quickly spreads among young people, because it allows them to stand out.

The main advantages of such a fabric for reflective underwear:

  • High strength and durability;
  • When any artificial light falls on the surface of the material, it starts to illuminate;
  • The light is visible at a great distance - up to 250 meters;
  • Safety for human health;
  • Low cost - everyone can afford such underwear.

Create your own unique style, amaze everyone around you with fashion accessories and unique clothes.

Buy low-cost reflective underwear at "LOOM"

The online store "LOOM" offers a wide range of quality wardrobe items, accessories, paints, fabrics, stickers and other goods with luminescent, reflective characteristics. The catalog contains only proven products. You can pay for your order in two ways to choose from: cash or bank card. Delivery across Ukraine using the New Mail service. Order from us and you will receive professional assistance in choosing the best option.