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Reflective printing on clothing

Glow-in-the-dark T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and other clothing are becoming more and more popular among various segments of the population. They are worn not only by young people who want to somehow stand out from the crowd, but also by athletes, cyclists, motorcyclists, children, to become more noticeable on the road at night, in poor visibility. By applying elements with reflective parameters, any clothing becomes original and unique.

Reflective printing on clothing: features

How exactly are interesting reflective pictures, prints and inscriptions made? There are several methods, but the most common is the application of thermal transfer reflective film. Such printing is simple and quick, the application is applied without any problems and remains bright for a long time.

Thermal transfer is a method of transferring a print to the surface of a material using heat treatment. To make everything work out, you need a thermal transfer film, which is applied on top of the applications. What it is? It is made of polyurethane film or PVC, hot melt is applied on top. When the latter heats up, it sticks the film to the surface. To make the work easier, the thermal transfer film is equipped with an additional self-adhesive layer.

This element is most often used on workers' overalls. Thanks to the application of inscriptions and identification marks, you can easily secure yourself in the dark. Most often, such clothes are used by ambulance doctors, police, firefighters, road services. It is important to put glowing prints on the clothes of children, cyclists, athletes so that they can be better seen on the road.

Such drawings are also of interest to young people who want to assert themselves, create their own individual style. They are popular with DJs, club goers, musicians. Anyone can order similar products and print on clothes in the online store "LOOM".

Benefits of printing reflective prints on clothes

Athletes, nightlife lovers, youth, children, cyclists, motorcyclists and simply stylish people will be happy with such accessories, because they differ in some advantages:

  • Versatility - such clothes look normal in the daytime, but in the evening they become an additional safety feature, they turn into a party costume;
  • Extravagance - you will always be in the spotlight, stand out from the crowd;
  • Durability - reflective characteristics will remain at a high level for a long time and will not change over time.

Such printing can be applied to almost any material, but it is necessary to have professional equipment and modern technologies.

Many buyers are worried that such wardrobe items need additional tel complex care. But you don't have to worry about it if you adhere to some rules:

  • Use only delicate washing mode;
  • Use only gels for washing, not powders;
  • Do not iron on the wrong side with a hot iron.

That's all the recommendations.

Reflective elements on clothes: buy cheap from us

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