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Reflective self-adhesive

You should always think about safety. Especially if you are near the road at night, work in road services, or want to protect a child. You can increase the visibility of a person, vehicle or other thing (for example, a sign) with the help of such simple products as reflective self-adhesive. Its price is low, so everyone can afford it.

Reflective self-adhesive: features

To buy products that are of high quality and reliability, meet your expectations and serve for a long time, you need to study them specifications. This self-adhesive tape comes in the form of tape or film, which can be quickly glued to any surface. It suits:

  • Designers who wish to create an unusual and unique interior style;
  • Motorists, to decorate a car and make it more noticeable in the dark;
  • Cyclists and motorcyclists, in order to protect themselves and the vehicle at night;
  • For fans of roller skates and scooters - improvement of appearance, individual design and visibility in the dark;
  • Road workers, police officers , firemen, to create overalls that glow in poor visibility.

Self-adhesive with a reflective effect is clearly visible at night, and during the day does not interfere with the use of the item as intended. The special adhesive backing makes the tape look like ordinary tape. It is easy to stick it on any surface you want, it will stick securely there.

To make gluing yourself, you need to consider the following steps:

  • Thoroughly rinse the part of the surface where you are going to glue tape, using special means that wash away grease, dirt well;
  • Remove the protective paper backing from the adhesive backing (only at one end) and gently attach to the object;
  • Gradually stick the entire tape , lightly smoothing it with the palm of your hand so that no air bubbles remain inside.

Reflective self-adhesive provides good visibility. Even in pitch darkness, an object or a person will be noticeable at a distance of up to 200 meters.

Order a reflective self-adhesive inexpensively in "LOOM"

In the catalog of the online store "LOOM" you will find a wide range of reflective self-adhesive tape and tape, which are suitable for different purposes. Why buy from us? There are many reasons:

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Reflective self-adhesive is an excellent opportunity to quickly and economically improve the visibility of objects and people at night. And such simple manipulations can protect health, save lives.