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Reflective shorts

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Reflective clothing is no longer a wardrobe item for blue-collar workers. Today, such things can be found in many fashionistas. Renowned designers offer a special vision of stylish clothing and reflective effect plays an important role here. In summer it gets dark later, there is still a risk of an accident on the road. Therefore, reflective shorts have found their place in everyday wardrobe. Moreover, they look quite fashionable and can be combined with different tops.

Reflective shorts: features and application

Similar clothing options are suitable for many: athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, cyclists, dog owners (who often walk with their pets at night), children, adolescents, and those who often walk near an unlit road. There are similar wardrobe items also in real fashionistas and women of fashion who like to attract the attention of other people.

The main features of shorts made of reflective fabric are:

  • The ability to combine with different clothes, they are perfect for casual and sporty styles;
  • Reliability and durability, the material can withstand multiple washes at high temperatures and does not lose its reflective properties;
  • Help create a unique image that attracts attention;
  • Increase safety on an unlit road - when a beam of light from any source hits their surface, it returns energy back, so the fabric starts to glow (noticeably 200 meters). < / li>

It is thanks to the latter feature that such clothes are considered important and should be in every home. If you are worried about your life and the safety of your family, be sure to consider buying reflective items. Moreover, their cost is usually not higher than the same from other materials.

Order inexpensive reflective shorts at "LOOM"

"LOOM" online store offers a wide range of quality products with a luminescent effect. Such things are becoming more and more popular in Ukraine, but there are practically no reliable manufacturers on the market. Most are purchased in China, so there is no need to talk about quality. We monitor the production of products at every stage so that our customers receive only the best.

Why is it worth buying to order in "LOOM"? We have several advantages:

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Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine thanks to the popular service "New mail". Enter our catalog and choose high quality reflective shorts. With them, you will not only look more stylish, but you will also be able to protect yourself from a possible accident on a dark road. If you are a cyclist, an athlete or a dog owner, then such a purchase is considered quite practical.