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Reflective tapes

Reflective signal belt-vest-suspender green width 4cm Reflective signal belt-vest-suspender green width 4cm - фото 2
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Reflective signal belt-vest-suspender orange width 4cm Reflective signal belt-vest-suspender orange width 4cm - фото 2
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Reflective signal belt green width 4cm Reflective signal belt green width 4cm - фото 2
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Reflective tape is a flexible strip of fabric or special non-woven polymer material with a special coating. The latter has light-repelling characteristics. Thanks to this, the tape is clearly visible in the dark and in bad weather conditions, when the stray light of lamps / headlights falls on its surface.

Reflective tape: application and features

This simple product helps to protect time of walks (hiking, cycling) at night. Its price is not high, but its effectiveness has been proven by many. In the light of headlights / lanterns, the tape is perfectly reflected (distance 150-200 meters), so the driver can see the person in time and avoid a collision. Reflective tape can be sewn on hand luggage or garments.

Depending on the material used as a base, these products can be applied to accessories, fabrics, structures, vehicles. For example, there is a special engineering reflective tape. It is wider than the classic one (up to 50 mm), its base is acrylic, has a polymer coating, and is weather resistant.

In addition to the protective function, the reflective tape for clothing also helps to decorate the fabric. You can create various designs, prints, patterns, patches, inserts.

Reflective tape is often used in the production of:

  • Special clothing for employees of some services - especially if they work round a day on the street, being near the carriageways;
  • Equipment for tourists, wardrobe of athletes;
  • Children's wardrobe items and accessories;
  • Bags and backpacks.

For pedestrians moving at night where there are no sidewalks, it is imperative to use such products. It's easy to order and apply. And these usual actions will save your life.

For clothes, in addition to tape, they also use reflective edging. It is sewn into the seams of the cotton material to highlight them and some details (pockets).

Buy low-cost reflective tape at "LOOM"

In our online store you will find a wide range of quality products ... The cost of goods available to everyone. On order, you can purchase varieties of reflective tape:

  • Width - wide (50 mm) is used for backpacks, narrow (10 mm) is often used to decorate youth wardrobe items;
  • By color - gray (white in the dark) and colored (in low light it gets "acidic" shades);
  • By material - synthetic (PVC, polyester, polyamide), cotton, combined;
  • According to the method of fastening - you can sew, self-adhesive, hot-melt.

The luminescence coefficient is also considered equally important. The higher it is, the better the person will be visible. To order a product, you need to select the appropriate option and complete the purchase. We offer two payment methods (bank card or cash) to choose from. Delivery all over Ukraine using the "New mail" service.

Take care of your health and think about protecting your life if you are going to walk or work near the road at night. Reflective tape is the best option.