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Reflective thermal film

Safety at night is important for every road user. That is why it is recommended to use various reflective elements: bracelets, stickers, stickers, fabrics. You can buy them to order and create interesting accessories yourself. The cost will be so affordable that your budget will not even feel it.

Reflective thermal film: features

Among all these products, a special place is occupied by thermal film with light-absorbing characteristics. It can be glued to your favorite clothes using high temperatures (for example, an ordinary iron) to protect yourself and your loved ones inexpensively on a dark road. If you like to run in the evening, go cycling or just walk in the dark, you should definitely consider buying these products.

The main advantages of reflective thermal film:

  • Easily withstands many washes (up to 40), its main features do not deteriorate after contact with water;
  • It reflects the light of headlights / lamps well and works at a distance of 200 meters, after which drivers can see the pedestrian in time and brake;
  • It is easy to use, you do not need to have any specific skills or learn additional information;
  • It can be glued to any wardrobe items, turning them into safe things;
  • Helps to significantly increase the visibility of an adult or child when driving near the roadway.

Such thermal films are often used on children's clothing. After all, kids sometimes go out for a walk in the evening or return from school when it gets dark. Remember that drivers may not always be able to see a small pedestrian, especially if he is wearing dark clothes.

When exposed to heat, the adhesive base of the product adheres firmly to clothing. Therefore, reflective thermal film can be used on bags, outerwear, backpacks, T-shirts. She helps you create unique wardrobe items that fully convey your personality and style. Its appearance differs in quality and uniqueness, so you can be sure that the received items will be quite original.

Order reflective thermal film from "LOOM"

In our online store you will find a huge quantity of quality products that are distinguished by their light-repelling characteristics. The price of all goods remains available to every client. We do not just sell unique items, but we are also engaged in the creation of some products. Our employees check the quality of goods at all stages of production, so you can be sure of their reliability and durability.

Reflective thermal film consists of two main layers. The top layer (lighter) is in contact with high temperature (iron or heat press). The lower layer (darker) is distinguished by the presence of an adhesive base. It is applied to the surface of the fabric to connect them. Having prepared the desired cut, simply place it where you want to glue, and place a heated iron on top.