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Reflective Roller Stickers

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Reflective stickers are a unique accessory that has become popular lately. Most often they are purchased by motorists, cyclists, fans of skateboarding, scooter, rollerblading. If you like to go for a walk with your favorite rollers in the dark, you should definitely order such a decoration. Your transport and you yourself will become more visible. A simple accessory significantly increases safety.

Car drivers often claim that the cause of accidents in the evening / at night is poor visibility and inability to brake in time. Therefore, any cheap sticker with reflective properties will significantly reduce the risk of serious injury.

Why it is recommended to buy reflective stickers on rollers: applications and features

The light of the lantern / headlights, falling on the surface of the sticker, makes it noticeable, it starts to glow a little, so the owner of the rollers becomes more visible. The effective range of such accessories is about 200 meters. At this distance, the driver can brake and avoid a collision. Luminous stickers can be applied to various parts of the rollers to decorate them. You can also stick them on a helmet or elbow pads to make yourself even more visible in the dark.

The main features of such accessories are:

  • Can be attached to any surface;
  • Durability and reliability - you can use the stickers for a long time and not worry that they will fade or somehow get damaged;
  • Various materials are used for the manufacture of goods, they can have a glossy or matte surface, be monochromatic or colored;
  • Consist of a base, a reflective layer and a layer with adhesive characteristics;
  • They perfectly cope with two tasks: they decorate the rollers, making them stylish, unique and unusual, and also ensure the safety of their owner.

Such accessories are budgetary, because their cost is never too high. Be sure to think about yourself, your loved ones and, especially, your children. It is the little fans of evening pokatushek that most often become participants in an accident. If they have reflective stickers, you can be sure of their safety and are not afraid to let them go to a meeting with friends.

Where to buy reflective stickers for videos inexpensively

This question is of interest to many. Indeed, in Ukraine, the market for such products is still quite meager. Today you have two options: to buy a Chinese product, for the quality of which no one is responsible, or to buy to order in the "LOOM" online store. Why is the second preferred? It's all about the company's advantages:

  • A wide range of products for every taste;
  • Nice price for goods in the catalog - each client will find the most suitable accessory;
  • We monitor the quality of the stickers at every stage, because we not only sell finished products, but also create them ourselves;
  • You can pay in any way convenient for you: cash or bank card;
  • Delivery by "New mail" to any city in Ukraine.

Do not forget about your safety when enjoying your ride on roller skates. Especially in autumn and winter, when it gets dark very quickly. Reducing the risk of accidents is easy - buy reflective stickers.