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Reflective scooter stickers

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Riding a scooter, bicycle, roller skates or boards is a favorite pastime of modern children. Often the guys go to the rides at dusk. A ride in the dark brings more unusual sensations, and after school it turns out to take a walk with friends in the evening. And the question of security comes up. He worries many parents. Motorists in poor lighting simply cannot see the child in time and stop transport. The solution is to buy special stickers that reflect the light of lanterns / headlights.

Features and application of reflective stickers for scooters

Reflective stickers are special printed products that are made on special self-adhesive films. They are primarily used for safety, as they help to attract the attention of drivers. A similar technology is used in the production of modern signs for the road, for overalls for employees of some services, and so on. Stickers got their application in advertising products.

The main features of reflective stickers for scooters are:

  • Thanks to the use of modern technology, it is visible even in absolute darkness, so you and your children will be in complete safety;
  • High moisture resistance - the stickers will perfectly tolerate various weather conditions (rain, fog, snow);
  • Durability - the replacement of stickers with new ones does not happen so often, so this is a reliable accessory;
  • They can be of different shapes and colors - you can choose according to your individual wishes, create a real masterpiece from a scooter.

Such accessories will help not only to make the scooter more attractive and unique ... They increase the child's safety in poor visibility, and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Therefore, it is recommended to order them for all those who are worried about the lives of children. Moreover, the cost of stickers is low.

Buy reflective stickers for scooters in LOOM inexpensively

You can buy any accessories to order from us. Our company not only sells similar products, but also manufactures them independently. It is difficult to find such goods in Ukraine. On the market there are mainly stickers from China, the quality of which is questionable. Our catalog contains only reliable, durable and unique products. The main advantages of buying from us are:

  • Low price available to each client;
  • A wide range of products;
  • We will always help you find the perfect option , professional help and answers to popular questions;
  • Skilled workers who have learned modern printing technologies;
  • We control every stage of production so that customers receive only the best.

With our help, you will receive a modern, bright sticker for a scooter, which will significantly increase your safety on the road at night. We will calculate the cost individually, because it completely depends on the complexity of the task and the required volume. But also you can always order ready-made products by selecting them in the catalog.