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Reflective bike stickers

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To be safe on the road at night, every cyclist should think about purchasing special stickers or tapes. These accessories block the headlights, so the bike becomes more visible.

Reflective bike stickers: applications and features

These accessories are glued to the vehicle for many reasons. The most common of them are:

  • the appearance of a deep scratch when the enamel coating was touched - a colorful and interesting sticker will help hide this flaw without extra money;
  • for prevention, if you know that there will be excessive friction in this place, the sticker will help to cope with the rapid wear of the part for a while;
  • increases the safety of the cyclist in the dark or in bad weather - the main reason for buying, because reflective tape for a bike will help you keep your health and life.

Luminous stickers are applied according to the color. For example, red stickers are glued to the back. They simulate brake lights. Any color can be used on the front. Usually cyclists stop at white, as it looks like oncoming headlights. Bicycle rims are also decorated with reflective stickers. They are often colorful and vibrant.

Remember that accessories like these will never stop you from enjoying your trip. They will make you more visible on the road, reducing the risk of an accident or other unpleasant situation. When light from headlights or lanterns falls on their surface, it is immediately illuminated, so you can be clearly seen by motorists.

A beautiful reflective sticker on the bike will make your bike a real work of art. Today on the market you can find a wide range of different stickers, among which you will definitely choose the right option. A variety of themes, brightness and style fascinate at first sight.

Reflective tape on a bicycle is a must-have for a cyclist. Its cost is low, the purchase will not negatively affect your financial condition.

Reflective bike stickers: buy in Ukraine

Can't find a suitable accessory that will protect you on the road and decorate your bike? Contact the "LOOM" online store. You can order interesting stickers, ribbons and even a reflective film on your bike from us. The choice is so great that buyers often ask our specialists to help them choose one thing. The online store specialists will advise you, answer your questions and tell you all the characteristics of each product.

Why us? Our online store has the following advantages:

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We offer a variety of reflective stickers for bicycle rims, bicycle frames, reflective foils and glow-in-the-dark tape. You can order these goods in Kiev or another city of Ukraine right now.