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Reflective stickers on clothes for kids

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Reflective stickers on children's clothing have become a popular commodity lately. This is due to their unusual appearance, the ability to add a different style to the image, the variety of sizes, shapes and pictures, as well as practical application (a pedestrian, especially a child, becomes clearly visible in the dark, the risk of an accident is reduced). Often, a simple sticker becomes an accessory that preserves and protects the baby's life.

Reflectors for clothes for children in the form of stickers: features

When dusk is deepening or at night it is difficult for the driver to see a person on an unlit road parts. Motorists themselves note that a cyclist or a pedestrian becomes visible when a few meters remain from him to the hood. In this case, slowing down in time is difficult, especially if the road is wet or icy. So that you are always sure of the safety of your child, it is important to buy reflectors for children and stick them on clothes, bags, backpacks.

It will not be difficult to glue such an accessory on natural or synthetic fabric. Both work vests or jackets and children's clothes are perfect. It is the kids who do not always strictly adhere to the traffic rules, it is difficult to see them in the dark when they return from school.

Reflective stickers for children have the following properties:

  • Deflect light flux from the headlights and return it back;
  • Their functions work in any weather conditions, which is very important when it is raining or foggy;
  • There are no contraindications or restrictions for use.

Why buy a similar item? The driver will always clearly see that a person is walking in front of the car. This will significantly reduce the possibility of accidents.

Please note that stickers with this effect "work" for up to 24 months. It is recommended to update them every one and a half to two years, the child remains completely protected. Fastened to any place (sleeves, pant leg, collar, cuffs, upper part of the jacket). And thanks to funny inscriptions and drawings, children like them, make their things unique and bright. Kids are happy to decorate wardrobe items themselves with stripes.

Where to buy custom-made accessories inexpensively in Ukraine?

LOOM online store helps to order any reflective elements that make you visible on the road in the dark Times of Day. Why choose us? We are distinguished by the following advantages:

  • Affordable price - the cost of goods will pleasantly surprise you;
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  • Professional assistance in choice of option, answers to your questions regarding features and functions;
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  • Several payment methods - choose the one that suits you;
  • Delivery to the regions using a popular transport company.

Choose stickers that will help you and your family live. These elements are becoming more and more necessary, because the situations on the road are completely different.