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Reflective stroller stickers

Reflective stickers "soccer ball", yellow color
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Reflective stickers "Smiles" Size 10x20cm
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Brand: LOOM
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Many parents go out with their children at night. Especially in autumn, winter, when it gets dark early. The child's walk should be pleasant, rewarding and completely safe. Motorists need to see children's transport clearly. It is recommended to use stroller stickers.

Reflective tape on the stroller: features

Decided to buy a beautiful and fashionable stroller? You need to think about its visibility in bad weather conditions. A simple sticker, special tape with light-reflecting properties will be the best solution. Their cost is low, the acquisition will not affect the family's budget. The main features of such accessories are called:

  • Makes the stroller interesting and attractive, with the help of stickers, parents will create a unique design, they will definitely like the kids;
  • Easily detached from the sticky base, no need to have any skills for gluing;
  • Adhere well to any surface, including: fabrics, metal, plastic;
  • Reflect the light of lamps and headlights at a distance of 150 meters (sufficient for drivers);
  • Illuminated if very little light enters the surface of the sticker;
  • Stickers do not require special attention, they do not need to be washed or wiped, this does not affect the physical and visual properties;
  • Trouble-free operation under any conditions.

The only thing to remember is that after a while the stickers are recommended to be replaced with new ones. Rain, snow and wind can fray the surface and make the stickers look less beautiful than they were when you first started using them.

Parents can buy custom items to customize their baby's stroller.

Reflective stickers for a stroller: order cheaply at "LOOM"

Accessories are an important part of children's transport. In our catalog you can find a wide range of these products, the price of which remains affordable to every customer. If you have any questions, our managers will answer them and help you to choose the right option. Why choose our store:

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It is necessary to understand that even experienced drivers cannot immediately react to an obstacle arising from the darkness in the form of a child strollers. If you are worried about your baby's safety, you should get a reflective sticker as soon as the opportunity arises.