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Thermo Flex Film

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Colorful clothes, especially T-shirts, attract the attention of others, help show their individuality, reveal their style. Finding a suitable inscription or a cool print is not always possible. Therefore, today it is possible to make your own print on T-shirts using Flex thermal film.

Features of Flex thermal film: whether to buy?

Flex is a special textile type film used to apply images to different fabrics ... Transferable when created with sufficient pressure and high temperature.

Flex thermal film has the following advantages:

  • Has a variety of textures - can be glossy, matte, velvet, reflective or even fluorescent (neon) ;
  • It is easy to make, so the price is always low;
  • The image applied in this way is durable and will withstand about 500 washes;
  • Manufacturing does not take a lot of time , you will be able to enjoy your new thing very soon.

High-quality Flex thermal film usually consists of two main layers: the first is colored (it remains on the surface of the fabric after transfer), the second is a substrate with the possibility sticking. The glue heats up under the influence of high temperature and the picture remains on the material.

To stick the print on a T-shirt or other garment, follow the instructions:

  • The heat press is heated to a suitable temperature - this is not lower than 165 degrees;
  • The backing is neatly separated from the main picture;
  • Places on the textile surface that you have chosen - baseball cap, T-shirt, sweatshirt, and so on;
  • To protect the image, put tracing paper or siliconized paper on top (the surface will be matte or glossy depending on this);
  • The heat press is closed and held in this state for at least 17 seconds so that the glue has time to adhere to the fabric; < / li>
  • The heat press opens, the backing is removed and you just need to wait for the print to cool down a little.

To keep the brightness of the picture at its best, it is not recommended to wash the product within the first 24 hours after drawing an image. You can iron only from the wrong side.

Order inexpensive Flex thermal film from "LOOM"

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Flex thermal film - the ability to create unique T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps for yourself and as a gift to your loved ones ... After all, such a surprise will bring a lot of positive emotions, good mood and will not burden your wallet.